Sophomore Roster 2019          

          Number Name Height Position Grade

Kylee Nguyen 5’4” DS SO

Olivia Thompson-Spillane 5’10” MH SO

Riley Proctor 5’3” DS/L SO

Gracie Serrioz 5’4” S SO

Lola Clark 5’7” DS/L SO

Elyea Soileau 5’6” OH/RS SO

Grace Davis 5’9” S SO

Michaela Konzem 5’10” MH SO

Katie Thompson 5’8” OH SO

Emily Schutzel 5’6” OH/RS SO

Kayla Mallon 5’10” MH FR       

Sophomore Schedule 2019

Click the following link to view the 2019 schedule on RSchool: Sunflower League Calendar