2019 Blazer Volleyball Tryouts 

Tryouts for the 2019 Blazer Volleyball Team will be from August 19-21. All Freshmen will try out from 3:15-5:15 PM, while Upperclassmen will try out from 5:30-7:30 PM. Rosters will be announced on Wednesday for Varsity, JV, and Sophomore teams. Freshmen A and Freshmen B team rosters will be finalized by Friday, August 23rd. 

All players who are interested in volleyball are encouraged to try out. In order to be eligible to try out, all physicals, concussion forms, medical forms must be turned into the Athletics office, and players must be cleared to try out by the Athletics Secretary. Players who are not deemed eligible by the first day of tryouts will not be able to try out. 


Blazer Volleyball Guidelines 

Please see below for an overview of what is expected from GEHS Blazer volleyball players. 

Academic Expectations & Eligibility

  • Students are expected to be a student first, then an athlete. The word 'student' comes first in 'student-athlete' for a reason!

  •  If a player has a D or below in any class, she must conference with her coach to make plans to visit their teacher or teachers during Seminar or after school in order to raise their grade. If the problem persists, the coach, player, and a parent must conference in order to discuss what is best for the player at that time.

  • Players with any failing grades will automatically be ineligible until they are passing all of their classes.

  • One Academic Sprint for each D or below. Academic sprints are applied to the entire program, not just one individual or team.

Tardy/Absence Policy

  • Practice will start promptly at 3:20. If you are not ready to go at 3:20, you are considered late.

  • 1 sprint for every minute a player is late without a note from a teacher/doctor/etc excusing them from being tardy

  • Examples of excused absences:

    • Mandatory co-curricular activities

    • Illness (must be excused from school as well)

    • Family crisis

  • Examples of unexcused absences: 

    • The player decided she didn't want to go that day

    • Overslept

    • No ride- rides need to be arranged beforehand

    • Missing practices/matches for a club sport   

  • If a player is tardy to school without an excuse on a game day, they will not start that night. If they have an unexcused absence on a game day, they will not suit up that night. If a player misses two practices or matches with an unexcused absence, they will sit out an entire week. If a player misses three practices or matches, they will be dismissed from the team. 

  • If a player is absent from practice the day before a match, they will not be able to participate in that match.

Apparel Policy

  • Players are not to wear gear from other high schools to practice. Collegiate or club gear is acceptable.

  • Practice colors are as follows:

    • Monday- Blue

    • Tuesday- White

    • Wednesday- Black

    • Thursday- Neon

    • Friday- Theme Friday (Blue if you don’t participate)

  • Players are responsible for their team-issued jerseys and backpacks. If they are not returned in the same condition they were in when checked out, the player will be responsible for replacing the item or items. If they are lost, the player will also be responsible for replacing the item or items.

  • Game day attire should consist of the school-issued uniform and black spandex. Other colors of shorts are welcome during practice. No jewelry is allowed in practice.

Drug/Alcohol Use

  • School policies apply- immediate suspension of the player involved. See pages 21-22 of the student handbook

  • In addition: if photos of players drinking/being around alcohol or drugs are found by administrative staff or coaches, the whole team will run, and a meeting with the player, parent, and coach will be mandatory.

  • Purpose: it’s not only up to coaches to monitor the behavior of players. Players need to hold their teammates accountable for their actions, even if there are group consequences. If they see a teammate doing something they should not be doing/breaking rules or laws, it’s their responsibility to hold them accountable, and if they don’t respond, to bring the matter up to the coaching staff.



Sportsmanship is a general way of thinking and behaving. The following sportsmanship policy items are listed for clarification:

  • Be courteous to all – participants, coaches, officials, staff and fans

  • Know the rules, abide by and respect the official’s decisions

  • Win with character and lose with dignity

  • Display appreciation for good performance regardless of the team

  • Exercise self-control and reflect positively upon yourself, team and school

  • Permit only positive sportsmanlike behavior to reflect on your school or activities

GEHS Staff retain the right to dismiss students who are not modeling behaviors that support good sportsmanship. (pg 24-25 of the Student Handbook)

Players are to leave every gym as clean if not cleaner than it was when they arrived. We have an absolutely beautiful facility, so let's keep it that way! 

It is the job of the coach, not the player, to speak with referees when need be. Players should not directly address referees in a negative manner. Coaches reserve the right to bench players or provide additional consequences to those who violate this rule.

Coaches will not discuss playing time/issues that may arise within matches until 24 hours following the game in question. It is the expectation that players will approach coaches first with any concerns or questions before parent contact is made. 

The following protocol should be followed regarding player/parent concerns:

1. Player talks to their level coach.

2. Player talks to head coach.

3. Parent may talk to head coach

4. Parent contacts athletic director.


Players are expected to ride school vans or buses to and from games. Players are allowed to ride home with their immediate guardians at their coach’s discretion.