Freshman A Roster 2019         

Number Name Height Position Grade

Kaliana Chamnongchith 5’4” S/DS FR

Chloe Williams 5’10” MH FR

Paige Schesser 5’7” S FR

Riley Dempsey 5’10” OH FR

Natali Jones 5’6” DS/L FR

Bella Stubbs 5’8” OH/RS FR

Logan Ringel 5’3” S FR

Bailey O’Sullivan 5’5” OH FR

Jadyn Padilla 5’4” DS/L FR

Sariyah Williams 6’1” MH/RS FR

Reaghan Davis 5’8” MH FR

Freshman A Schedule 2019

Click the following link to view the 2019 schedule on RSchool: Sunflower League Calendar